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#1 TikTok influencer search
and audience analysis platform

Search, filter and analyze influencers among
7M+ accounts with 20+ search criteria.
Run and track successful influence marketing campaigns.

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What can Tokfluence do ?

Influencer search

Biggest database on TikTok


All your influencers in one place

Audience analysis

Fake check, Demographics and much more

Campaign management

Manage your campaigns easily


Measure campaign performance & ROI

Find the influencers you need

Your ideal TikTok Influencers are a click away.

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Tokfluence allows you to search with 20 criteria.
You'll find some basic search options like Number of followers, Countries or Engagement rate.
But also more advanced search criteria like Keyword search, Hashtags or Gender for instance.

Tokfluence has advanced features like gender or cross researched with other social media platforms.

You can save comments on every influencer profile to enrich the data.

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Tech enabled TikTok influence marketing.

Audience analysis

Generate audience reports, Fake check, demographic analysis

tiktok country analysis

Demographic analysis

We analyse countries, gender and age and we cross these data to have the gender by age repartition. We display it in a way that you can easily spot the relevant information. The number of adults followers is also indicated.

Overtime Followers and Reach analysis

We display the followers and reach evolution overtime so that you can check for anomalies and verify the account had a natural growth. It is also useful to evaluate wether the new followers are qualified or not.
tiktok growth analysis
tiktok engagement rate analysis

Performance analysis

We are able to calculate the average Views, Likes, Comments and Shares that the influencers has. But also to compare it with similar accounts to check if the influencer performs particularly well or, at the contrary, quite low compared to others. That's where you want to look at when you want to verify the quality of the influencer. We do the same with the Number of posts per week and with the Engagement Rate.

Influencer campaigns
made simple

Manage and track your TikTok influencer campaigns
campaign menu

Simple and refined campaign management software

  • Run multiple campaigns at the same time
  • Handle influencer stages
  • Add notes on influencers regarding a specific campaign
campaign overview

Size and prepare your campaign

  • Access all the relevant information for your campaign
  • Campaign overview and analysis so you can adapt your choices accordingly (Reach calculations in likes and views + costs estimations).
  • Access all the contact information from the influencers in your campaign to reach out.
campaign overview

Track and measure the results

  • Track creators posts (their views, likes, comments and shares).
  • Measure the impact thanks to important KPIs such as the CPM (Cost Per Mille views).
  • Using the link tracker will give you the CPC (Cost Per Click) KPI.
  • Download a complete PDF report.
  • Make sure the campaign is profitable thanks to the tracking.

Your Questions Answered

Can I have a free access ?
Yes ! We have a free plan so that you can register and see how the search tool works. You'll have access to all the filters and all the search criteria. You'll only see the first page though but you will be able to see the full potential of Tokfluence.
Can I have influencer's email ?
Yes ! We provide and display all the information that we have on the influencers including emails. Note that ~80% of influencers with more than 1m followers have a contact email. ~33% of influencers with more than 100k followers have a contact email.
Do you focus only on Tiktok ?
We have more data than anyone else on Tiktok but we also have a lot of data on Instagram and Youtube. We also provide search criteria on Instagram an Youtube accounts.
Can I export influencer's data such as email etc. ?
You can export your campaign's data if you have a Starter or Business plan. The export contains all the data that you need if you want to reach out to them.
How can I verify an influencer's audience data ?
You can verify any TikTok account audience data by requesting an Audience Analysis on Tokfluence platform. It will give you a detailed view of where the audience come from and how they interact with the influencer's posts.
How can I verify that an influencer does not have fake followers ?
To verify that a TikTok influencer does not have fake followers you need to request an audience report for this influencer on Tokfluence. You'll then be able to verify its audience and be sure to check its demographics, Audience reachability, and also compare its performances to similar accounts. Tokfluence audience reports will give you all these information.
How can I know my influencer marketing campaign is profitable ?
Thanks to the campaign tracking system you have access to all the KPIs you need in order to calculate a ROI. You can enter the price of each influencer's post and track the number of clicks on your sponsored link in order to have the KPIs linked to conversion rate, CPM and CPC.