TikTok Audience analysis

Generate TikTok audience reports, Fake check, demographic analysis
Ensure you are working with the right influencer for your brand
tiktok rank global and country

Global rank and country rank

We are able to rank every account globally and in his own country. That way you have an idea on where this influencer is situated in the TikTok landscape.

Demographic analysis

We analyse countries, gender and age and we cross these data to have the gender by age repartition. We display it in a way that you can easily spot the relevant information. The number of adults followers is also indicated.
tiktok country analysis
tiktok reach analysis

Overtime Reach analysis

This graph is great to evaluate wether the new followers are qualified or not. We also calculate the potential reach that the influencer currently has (in likes and in views).

Followers evolution

We display the followers evolution overtime so that you can check for anomalies and verify the account had a natural growth.
tiktok growth analysis
tiktok engagement rate analysis

Performance analysis

We are able to calculate the average Views, Likes, Comments and Shares that the influencers has. But also to compare it with similar accounts to check if the influencer performs particularly well or, at the contrary, quite low compared to others. That's where you want to look at when you want to verify the quality of the influencer. We do the same with the Number of posts per week and with the Engagement Rate.

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