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Find the answers of the frequently asked questions on Tokfluence.
Can I have a free access ?
Yes ! We have a free plan so that you can register and see how the search tool works. You'll have access to all the filters and all the search criteria. You'll only see the first page though but you will be able to see the full potential of Tokfluence.
Can I have influencer's email ?
Yes ! We provide and display all the information that we have on the influencers including emails. Note that ~80% of influencers with more than 1m followers have a contact email. ~33% of influencers with more than 100k followers have a contact email.
Do you focus only on Tiktok ?
We have more data than anyone else on Tiktok but we also have a lot of data on Instagram and Youtube. We also provide search criteria on Instagram an Youtube accounts.
Can I export influencer's data such as email etc. ?
You can export your campaign's data if you have a Starter or Business plan. The export contains all the data that you need if you want to reach out to them.
How can I verify an influencer's audience data ?
You can verify any TikTok account audience data by requesting an Audience Analysis on Tokfluence platform. It will give you a detailed view of where the audience come from and how they interact with the influencer's posts.
How can I verify that an influencer does not have fake followers ?
To verify that a TikTok influencer does not have fake followers you need to request an audience report for this influencer on Tokfluence. You'll then be able to verify its audience and be sure to check its demographics, Audience reachability, and also compare its performances to similar accounts. Tokfluence audience reports will give you all these information.
How should I contact influencers ?
When you've find their email throught Tokfluence, you can start contacting them by email. Remember to always send a personnalised email and it needs to go straight to the point. People receive a lot of "We would like to have you on a collaboration..." Be as direct as possible. If the influencer does not respond by email you should try to contact him on TikTok directly, then on Instagram etc.

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