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#1 TikTok influencer search

Search, filter and organize influencers among
4.9M accounts with 13 search criterias.

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What can Tokfluence do ?

Influencer search

Biggest database on TikTok

Campaign management

Manage your campaigns easily


All your influencers in one place

Tech enabled TikTok influence marketing.

Find the influencers you need.

Your ideal TikTok Influencers are a click away.

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Tokfluence allows you to search with 13 criterias.
You'll find some basic search options like Number of followers, Countries or Engagement rate.

Tokfluence has advanced features like gender or cross researched with other social media platforms.

You can save comments on every influencer profile to enrich the data.

Influencer campaigns
made simple

Manage your TikTok influencer campaigns
campaign menu

Simple and refined campaign management software

  • Run multiple campaigns at the same time
  • Handle influencer stages
  • Add notes on influencers regarding a specific campaign
campaign overview

Size and prepare your campaign

  • Access all the relevant information for your campaign
  • Campaign overview and analysis so you can adapt your choices accordingly (Reach calculations in likes and views + costs estimations).
  • Access all the contact information from the influencers in your campaign to reach out.

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